Thursday, October 04, 2012

a pocket full of owls and random yarns

 it is  thursday, that feels like friday..but isn't.

the weather had an edge of chill this morning and looking at the forecast, i am hopeful our long awaited fall is almost here.

the whirlwind of school is settling in and the schedules of a highschooler, along with my other three is becomging a way of life.   no room to scooch anything else in.

but that's ok,   it feels like they are all thriving. 

i am so happy with a big decision to move all to a new school this year...  i just did not know, before we moved, and last minute "the sky is falling" comments did not help.   but God helped. :)  and the advice of my dear friend Stephanie.  And now we are getting into the routine and fully engaged.   I just got my kids first progress report yesterday and WOW!...impressive little minnions!   I am so pleased with the focus and diligence of all of them. 

between volleyball games, soccer, basketball, worship team, and running for student government...we are busy...not to mention homework, mom's work, and oh yea, pets and a house.  but happy busy.

one of the blessings hidden in the sadness of my daddy being ill, is that I have been able to visit with them more...and pop over to their place.   i like that.   i spent some medical office trip time with them yesterday and enjoyed just being about the business of everyday life with them.    Please keep praying for my papa....  we love him so.

Nick is working on some fundraisers which means i am working on some fundraisers too.  One is making a bumch of  little amigurumi owls to sell.  I actually suggested this one, because they were just so stinking cute and I wanted to see if I could make them.  So here are three of the guys.   I keep the yarn with me and stitch a little here a little there. ;)

yesterday we had to wait for nick's piano lesson to be done, and the library was closed so we went to the park...yarn and all.

This is probably the most boring blog of all times, isn't it?

I think I have forgotten HOW to blog.  With being so busy, like my stitching, I just get in a word here, a snippet there on facebook, and don't really blog much anymore.  BUT, I am not willing to give it up yet.   So we will see.   I don't know where my blog might go, or its real purpose anymore....but it is still here for now.

I am working on some dreams....(itty bitty house, and a pink truck like this one)...and talking to my Jesus most of the time, with my momma and daddy being a big part of that conversation, and each of my kiddos....

my life is becoming pretty focused, basic.   I am no longer struggling with this whole concept of "what am I suppose to be when I gorw up" and "what is my BIG purpose {aka"ministry"}?"   I am pretty content with being a momma and a daughter in this season...hands full,  heart full.

and everyone else can go do the big purpose and many things. :)  it seems freeing to just let myself be a simple momma...and let go of all the shoulds and coulds (can'ts really-Idon't have time for coulds) and the would you just....

sorry can't

i have to get dinner of some sort or fashion on the table,
laundry folded
pets fed
kids driven to school
work project done
homework helped
prayers said
floor swept
oh, and did i mention, 96 more owls crocheted. :)

and i'm happy

Happy Fall, glad you are slipping in!

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